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Welcome to the dawn of bedroom robotics.

Wakē redefines how technology should
help us start our day

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    Wakē mounts to the wall behind your bed and works with your smartphone

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    When its time to get up, Wakē uses a body heat sensor to find where you are

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    Instead of using normal speakers that wake up everyone

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    Wakē sends focused beams of light and sound directly to your location


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Wakē ’s body heat sensor is very accurate, but doesn’t violate your privacy.

Even if you are lying closely with your partner, Wakē sees a very accurate temperature graph and can pinpoint where you are.

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Wakē rouses you and leaves others undisturbed using a focused light and a parametric speaker – like a laser beam of sound.

Wakē creates a peaceful, dawn-like transition to wakefulness that doesn’t disturb others.

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Touching your smartphone acts as a snooze bar, and simply getting out of bed will turn Wakē off.

Wakē knows each user by the side of the bed they sleep on, so your partner can also wake up to Wakē when ready.

What is a Parametric Speaker?

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Wakē uses a parametric speaker to target sound to one person in bed while not disturbing others nearby.

Parametric speakers use highly directional ultrasonic waves that interact to create a very narrow audible beam. Lucera Labs has filed a US patent on the use of a targeted parametric speaker for use in waking device.


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Meet Wakē 's advanced wifi-enabled CPU

  • STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3 at 120Mhz
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Networking
  • 128KB Memory, 1MB Flash

It's super powerful, yet uses very little electricity. Over-the-air upgrades mean Wakē always has the latest features.

Why We’re Excited About Wakē

Wakē capitalizes on a growing understanding of the importance of sleep and light exposure in our lives

Light exposure helps you wake up faster, and research suggests “dawn simulators” reduce morning grogginess and help people cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Wakē can be more than just a waking device, it can serve an important role in home automation

Wakē knows when you're up and moving and can cue home automation functions such as temperature and lighting control, starting your car, etc.

Numerous applications exist to expand Wakē 's capabilities

Baby monitoring apps that wake up only one parent for late-night feedings.

Private phone/text apps that alert only one person.

Reading light apps that use Wakē 's LED.

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